Vinakoper Capris Sparkling Muskat 2016

Vinakoper Capris Sparkling Muskat 2016

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Appearance: The wine is clear, golden yellow. In the jars, intense sparking and chaining of fine CO2 bubbles can be observed. Aroma: In intense muscular aromatic we find the smell of jasmine flowers, apricots, lichen and gooseberries. Mouth Feel: It tastes aromatic, sweet and refreshing to taste. In our mouth, the flavors of fresh apricots, citrus fruits, melons and mandarins, which interact well with juicy acid and playful bubbles, are released. Food Pairing: It is well-suited for dishes such as shrimp or grilled chicken, spicy sauces, Asian food, various karies, smoked salmon, fresh fruit salads, strawberries, hococlate mussels, desserts with vanilla cream and fresh fruit. You can as a spice for a relaxed chat and enjoy the pleasant moments with a good company or for a sweet meal finish.
Category Sparkling Wine
Region Slovenia
Brand Vinakoper
Alcohol/vol 11.5%